Magic Video Surveillance

Magic Video Surveillance 2.0

Transforms your webcam-equipped computer into a surveillance system
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iWesoft Corporation

This is a very simple program which can transform your webcam-equipped computer into a surveillance system. The program acts as a movement sensor using the webcam. You just start the monitoring process from the application and minimize the window; when something happens in the viewable area of the camera, it will start taking pictures. Each snapshot includes the date and timestamp in the name of the image file.

In the settings menu you can also set a sound alarm that you want to be played when the camera detects movement. You have four predefined options: Alarm, Dog, Footstep, and Police. If you want, though, you can set your own audio sample.

The application has a user-friendly interface with a bare minimum of buttons. I found that when you maximize the main window of the program, the preview image gets distorted; still, the snapshots are OK.

Unfortunately the program doesn't function very well. With the same standard settings, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. The situations for using Magic Video Surveillance are somewhat specific as well: you can find out whether someone attempts to use your PC while you're not around, especially children, or you may use it for pranks (the audio effect will do a great job in this regard) - but that's basically it. You can't see what people were trying to do on your computer, for instance. If you're okay with using this app simply as a surveillance cam, it may work for you.

Marco Tenco
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  • Simple interface
  • Has a number of uses


  • Only works when the computer is on
  • It distorts the preview when you maximize the window
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